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This Blue Bubble brand is a customer-focused initiative.

The change affects a total of around 1700 taxis, including the 80-strong fleet of Dunedin Taxis. The other companies involved are Auckland Co-op, Wellington Combined Taxis, Blue Star Taxis (Christchurch), Napier Taxis which is now Hawke’s Bay Combined Taxis, Nelson City Taxis and Tauranga Mt Taxis.

This effectively creates a nation-wide brand and allows us to operate pan-region services when tendering for contracts either with private businesses or government agencies.

Taxis displaying the Blue Bubble will all adhere to the same high standards of services and dress code. This will be of equal value to locals and visitors when travelling through the country particularly when travelling for major events.

This is further evidence of the high value that Dunedin Taxis and fellow members of the alliance place on a quality taxi experience for customers wherever the new brand operates.

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Among ongoing changes, saw 4 & 5 seater taxis later joined by taxi vans seating 7 to 9 passengers. Being eager to cater for all people, the company welcomed the initiative of one of it’s shareholders to purchase specialised vans with wheelchair hoists, thus expanding the activities of wheelchair bound citizens. Dunedin Taxis has been among the first to install meters and radio telephone. The only company in the city at the time to provide suburban ranks (some with waiting shelters) and direct line frees phones. Later replacing these with Dunedin Taxis (1965) Ltd Free phone 0800 50 50 10 number.
Adjustable infant seats were on our list of firsts among taxi fleets.
The operation and roster system used by our company was approved by a Royal Commission in 1968 and recommended to taxi companies throughout New Zealand. In 1995 Dunedin Taxis (1965) Ltd led the way again, with the introduction of the SMS Pioneer computerised Data Dispatch system. The first taxi company in the city to go computerised. Incorporated in this system the “Auto Booker” allowed for direct dial dispatch by by-passing the telephonist.